Our Town

Tillsonburg is located in Oxford County in southwest Ontario and has a population of approximately 15,000. There are over 200 stores and services in town and places of worship for all faiths. There are medical, dental, chiropractic, physiotherapy and hearing practitioners in town and the Tillsonburg Memorial Hospital is within walking distance of Hickory Hills.

The Tillsonburg Horticultural Society is one of the largest in southwest Ontario. There is also a Historical Society as well as all of the major Service Clubs. There is an active Seniors Centre and the town boasts a well-equipped Community Centre, complete with indoor pool, exercise club and woodworking shop.

If you are interested in arts, you will enjoy the rotating shows and classes at the Station Arts Centre, walking distance across the foot bridge, as well as the many live performances put on by the Tillsonburg Theatre. There are many golf courses within easy driving distance, offering golf at reasonable rates to golfers of all skill levels.

For more information on the Town of Tillsonburg, go to DiscoverTillsonburg.ca.